Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Personal Goal #3 - Owning my first place in Chicago - How and Why

Own my first place in Chicago - How and Why

Fast-forward to 888 :
I own my first place of residence in Chicago. It is a spacious bachelor pad, with a large balcony that overlooks the gorgeous Lake Michigan. It is a 2-bed & 2-bath, with a large living room, modern kitchen, a play-room, and an education-room. I have a 21' x 21' bedroom, with a king-sized bed, a Mac with a 27" monitor that is used both as a television, and my work/personal computer. The residence is entirely carpeted and people have to take off their shoes when they enter the home. We hold an annual barbecue to celebrate our health, friends, and happiness. After our barbecue, we go out for a night of dancing at the Green Mill, and then, of course, have a huge slumber party, South-Side Chicago style.

Back to September 11, 2007. 10 reasons Why I Want to Own A Home.
1) Great investment
2) Stop paying for rent
3) Start my permanent life in Chicago
4) Owning my first home
5) Will feel 1 step closer to success, in terms of wealth
6) All fixes, and upgrades are done for a benefit
7) Make my own rules, and renovate how I want
8) Learn about real estate investing at an early age
9) Self-pride out of owning a home
10) Higher confidence
11) Feel more successful

888. 1) Cameesa. 2) PM. 3) Own a home.

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