Saturday, September 8, 2007

Personal Goal #1 - The Company (Cameesa) - How and Why

Thanks to your input, I have decided to a) explain my goals in detail, b) explain why I want to achieve my goals, and c) change my deadline for my yearly goals.
Simple things first : I want to change my goals deadline to August 8, 2008 (8/8/8) because it is a more memorable number, and I think it'll help both my conscious, and sub-conscious.
Next, I would like to explain each of my goals in detail, and why I want to achieve them. I will write these explanations as if today was '888' .

The Company (Cameesa) - How and Why
I am the co-owner of a small, web-based company that facilitates graphical designers in promoting, and profiting from, their art-work. This company, Cameesa, has a phenomenal work environment, a user-base of 100+ consistent users, and an unforgettable user community experience. Cameesa understands, and runs, its daily operations with all sectors in mind : technology, marketing, finance, operations, and law. We trust each other, our customers, and our partners heavily. In addition, we understand that our primary goal is to make our customers happy, and have a WIN-WIN attitude for all parties involved.
Our company environment is very lenient and stresses that family, spirituality, and personal needs should usually come before work. Every employee in the company has a personally-written statement of what their contribution, goal, and role to the company is; also, how their position fits with Cameesa. This personal statement takes months, if not years to write, and is framed, and hung, by the employee's work place where they see it every day. Moreover, they employees revise the statement on a monthly basis if they choose to. Our company has every Friday during the summer off, and recommends for each employee to take 25% time of their work-day, and use it for self- or company-development.
Cameesa is very open, always enjoys a challenge, and is constantly stimulating the mind. "Cameesa : create, invest, buy"

Back to September 8, 2007. 10 reasons Why Cameesa?
1) Giving us freedom to do whatever we want
2) Providing us with great financial benefits
3) Creating our own work hours
4) Giving us a great sense of pride that we have created our own company
5) Working, and making decisions for ourselves
6) Creating our own work-environment
7) Respect
8) Working together to make decisions
9) Developing others, and ourselves
10) Strong community
11) Taking care of our own baby

There it is. How, and Why? See you before '888' Cameesa.

Also, since I'm talking about Cameesa I will run a quick promotion. ha.

Let us know if you know of any phenomenal graphic designers, including yourself, that want help in promoting their artwork...we promise them......drum roll.......fame and fortune.

Happy beautiful Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Kamil.....I are the best brother ever....I love you

Corine said...

Well written article.