Sunday, September 9, 2007

Personal Goal #2 - Becoming a Project Manager - How and Why

Become a Project Manager - How and Why

Fast-forward to 888 :
I am the Project Manager of a small team of people. We are a intelligent, dedicated, self-improving and provide under-budget solutions in a timely manner. I have taken a class in Project Management and have read numerous books on the Agile Process. The team believes in the agile process strongly because we feel that it allows everyone to participate in the process and keeps a tightly-knit group. Everyone has an opinion and the group benefits from this. The group is unstoppable and there is not a single task that we cannot achieve together. A concept that we strongly believe in is the concept of synergy : the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Let us know if you need any type of software solution and we will provide it.

Back to September 10, 2007. 10 reasons Why I Want to Become a PM.
1) I am an extrovert
2) A PM position matches my 5 strengths (positivity, harmony, relation, consistency, and woo)
3) I want to have more of an influence on a team and its environment
4) I want to meet more people
5) I greatly enjoy creating software solutions as a team
6) I will learn more people-focused lessons
7) I will be more responsible for developing others
8) The position is more interchangeable across industries
9) Create pride in people and boost their self-confidence
10) Provide personal/social solutions for the group

888. 1) Cameesa. 2) PM.

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