Thursday, September 6, 2007

My Four Yearly Goals

So, I'm sure we've all heard about having to write down our goals, and also giving them a deadline. Question : Why is writing our goals, and giving them a deadline so important?
Well, writing them does not mean "writing them and putting them in your dresser", it means writing them and being able to see them EVERY DAY. Why? Looking at your goals every single day will embed them into your smart little brain, actually your subconscious mind. And what happens when something gets into your subconscious? You start to feel it, live it, and believe it. The day that you start dreaming about your goals will be the day that they get into your subconscious mind (which is a good thing).
I don't quite understand the deadline aspect just yet, do you guys? I think that deadlines form a sense of urgency, and help measure progress in the future.

Anywho, today is September 6, 2007 and I have been thinking of different areas of my life that I would like to improve.
By September 6, 2008 I will :
- Own a company (Personal)
- Be a Project Manager, currently I am a web developer (Career)
- Own my first place of residence in Chicago (Fun/Materialistic)
- Write in a self-development blog on a weekly basis (Contributing to Society)

I have spent many weeks trying to discover what these goals should be and have finally come to the goals aforementioned. Think of the following different areas : 1) Personal, 2) Career, 3) Fun/Materialistic, 4) Contributing to society; and write one major goal for each that you will have completed within one year. Remember to write it down and display it where you will look at it every day. In addition, if you want to put a little positive pressure on yourself post on this blog, and write about your progress.


Andrew said...

You definitely have the write it down so you can view it every day part down. (ie. sneezypa)

I am going to start doing that cos I think it really works for you.

Ross Chasz said...

"What gets measured get done" That's is the motto of a project manager, one of your goals.

And definitely have your goals where you can see them everyone day
you know "Out of sight, out of mind"