Sunday, May 4, 2014

How we got our first 2,000 users doing things that don't scale by Ryan Hoover (A Summary)


MVP - ProductHunt began as a mailing list using Linkydink.

Private Beta - Email link to supporters and product influencers for feedback on wireframes and get them excited.

Quiet Beta - Iron out bugs and keep getting feedback with high interaction

Public Launch - PandoDaily, and FastCompany articles came out and ProductHunt emailed all early adopters with two specific asks:

Post a Product - have a healthy level of activity when upon launch

Share the Article - To maximize exposure, we asked early adopters - many who have a large following and influence - to share the article. To make it even easier, we provided a “click to tweet” link that opened Twitter with a pre-created message. 

The Manual Slow Growth - Found influencers and good contributors to community via Rapportive and and reached out to them personally to open lines for future feedback, referrals to product people and funding.

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